Twitter deleted millions of fake accounts from New

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تويتر تحذف ملايين الحسابات المزيفة من جديد

Company is trying to Twitter to make users of its platform get numbers follow up more precise, where the deletion of millions of fake accounts that have appeared again on the social communication service since the last large-scale deletions of accounts done by the company in the month of July, which saw the impact of many of the accounts significant decline in the numbers of followers after deleting closed accounts depending on the value of its previously actively suspicious, but it seems that many of those accounts have returned to thank her again.

And Twitter for more pressure to deal with problem users is fake, it has led to scrutiny by the U.S. Congress, the company said without the declaration, the process of deletion of New yesterday, Friday, which led for example to the loss of the pop star Katy Perry Katy Perry about 861 thousand follow-up, and according to SocialBlade specialized in remittances, while the lost Account platform official Twitter about 2.4 million followers.

The company said in July it will stop account accounts closed as learners, in an attempt to make users ‘ data more accurate, and added then to enumerate stores may change more regularly as part of its efforts to improve accounts problematic, and raised the changes timely to the attention of a number of adult users, including US President Donald Trump, Elon Musk the founder and CEO of Tesla.

The account of formal logic has lost 7.8 million followers in the month of July, but by October, it seemed that many of those accounts are locked have been unlocked, which is what can happen after you reset the password, to regain at least a dozen with influential third-up of two previously missing, including the official account of Twitter that he used the 2.36 million followers by mid-October.

Disappeared these shops again yesterday, Friday, in accordance to data company, SocialBlade, confirmed Twitter, told Reuters that she discovered the error was to add some of these accounts are closed briefly to the accounts that were followed, resulting in a mislead in the preparation of the stores to very few accounts.

The company said Social Puncher specialized in the research fraudulent ads she suspected that those closed accounts controlled by the fraudsters who sell the followers to enhance the popularity of the accounts artificially, showing those accounts, prints, fakes, including some personal details, the fans and posts.

The gate Arab News Technical Twitter deleted millions of fake accounts from New

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