Twitter closes communities games and violence information

موقع تويتش يغلق مجتمعات الألعاب ويستعين بالعلامات

The company announced the Live streaming of video games, Twitter, stop the service groups soon, the company has added this service for the past year, which is based on dividing the displayed broadcast Video Games to different groups according to interest, for example: community free Patel and PUBG and the community of League of Legends and other music, cooking, painting, etc.

The police took this step after it became the system used for pointless by Twitter itself, has increased the number of groups and many number of overlaps between communities themselves and between communities and games.

While it will be the alternative for the groups is the use of tags (Tagging), to score the user can define and share the identity of its different, the company will begin the implementation of this step in mid September.

Applied company the idea of groups as a means to give information to the viewer to facilitate his choice, but it turns out the company that viewers are not able to share this information through direct perception.

It also noted the low participation of broadcasting in the communities, where it is less than 3% of the follow-up to the site they may find what they want by it, which proves the failure of the current strategy for the site. Hopes to Twitter to apply property Tags will lead to better things.

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