Twitter choose the subscription feature in the talks

Twitter has confirmed they differ new feature allows users to follow tweets that respond to a tweet without having to deal with them such as admiration or respond to them under the name of “engaged in conversation”

Idea is similar to the feature “Get notifications” in Facebook where you tell your to notify when each comment is posted online, here you will receive a notice when each response or interaction with Twitter, which involved follow-up by clicking on the icon of a bell.

Show the icon when accessing the Twitter page solo in the upper right corner. Confirmed the Twitter waters as part of its work to improve the product to the edges more. We recall the days before we talked about the feature of “hide and tweets” that also allows the display of a group of tweets the user is connected in turn to meet their other tweets.

Note how Twitter changed the style to put a tweet in favorites from the star icon, through the icon of the heart through to the Subscribe button, every user finds his way home, which may not mean the celebration tweet in a particular favorite always, but the follow-up to talk about Twitter without the need to participate in it.

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