Twitter choose new ways to interact with Twitter via Twttr

Have the social network Twitter application separate from the application of its official choose have new features prior to their dissemination to test it also via the official app, those benefits carry a character a big change, so I prefer Twitter first tested through a special application that called twttr.

A month later on made available for those who wish to test and experience the advantages of Twitter is entirely new, added social network some new modifications such as drag toward the right or the left by the impressive tweeted or reply to them, as well as to clarify the owner of the Twitter core, which is a response – a feature which started to arrive for the official – and also a new way at a glance view of the account does not need through its transition to the account page itself but stay in the timeline, and for fans of night mode there are adjustments too.

In tweets that carry a series of responses there is a button to view more uses folding and expansion of the responses, therefore, organize the conversations better.

Bring another version of the application feature to hide the display icons to interact with the Twitter by default, therefore in order to interact with them you can use gestures drag towards the right or the left of what actually makes less densely icons.

To get the application twttr you fill the following questionnaire where you send Twitter a sample of users only. And what a show his company I hope to send a new way of thinking with the tweets to the application by the official, especially to users accustomed to the idea of drag towards the right or the left in the apps conversations WhatsApp there old the Facebook.

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