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The company launched the Twitter new update for the demo twttr, which is dedicated to test the advantages of the pilot prior to release for general users in the application by the president.

And the new update, which launched on Thursday, a new feature to facilitate the formulation of admiration tweeted, and by dragging finger on screen from right to left.

This feature was working previously with the tweets within the thread only, where you choose reaction buttons. Now, it has become possible anywhere, including the timeline for the Application, tab notifications, page file personal, and even within the search results.

Referred to that Twitter had begun to launch the application twttr – the name was a Twitter hold it in his early days, before about 13 years – in the month of MarchJ, and after that announced for the first time during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 in the month of January last.

Aim to Twitter through the application twttr to create a new space allows him to choose more experimental off-site application of the current, which will allow him to get the best comments from the testers, then the development of advantages that work optimally prior to release to general users.

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The app focuses at the moment on the redesign of the peace talks, in order to address one of the most prominent problems existing Twitter, which is the inability to figure out: “who’s talking with who?” In the talks.

It should be noted that this improvement on the property of the admiration comes after said CEO and founder of Twitter (Jack Dorsey) in the month of August last he wants to re-design key elements of the social network, including the “Like” button, and the way in which the Twitter followers. Then said Dorsey in the month of October last he sees that the button “like” sends the wrong messages.

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