Twitter charge exorbitant fees would lead to the exit of the best Twitter apps from the market

Starting from 16 August, you may not be able to use the Twitter application of your choice.

After Twitter announced previously for the imposition of fees on developers for the use of the interface by the software API, and then postponed the application of the new prices after the hype that accompanied its announcement this, returned to Twitter today to confirm its intention to continue its plan which will take effect next August.

Has the company published the price list that should be on the developers of third-party applications push to be able to access tweets and user information submission forms and various features via apps Twitter is official available on all platforms and operating systems.

Prices start from $ 339 monthly pay up to 25 users, up to about $ 2900 per month do not cover more than 250 users. As for the developers of the owners of the famous apps that have more users, there’s corporate plan has not been announced for the costs of the developer of communicating with Twitter to get the price that’d be fantastic for sure.

Certainly, even months apps Twitter is official, whether paid or free ad-supported do not achieve much of the profits can cover the high prices requested by Twitter, which means that the company aims indirectly to the output of the third-party apps from the market and forcing users to use their application only official.

Unfortunately, it has announced a range of popular Twitter apps on Android and iOS that they will not be able to continue within the new data, and has established developers of some of these applications, including the Talon and Tweetbot and Tweetings and Twitterrific site they said that it will have on every application to impose a fee of $ 16 per month to each user of the users of the app so that the developer pay his bill only without being entitled to any dividends. And of course no one will pay such an amount per month to use Twitter and therefore we might see the departure of hundreds of cool apps from the market.

Right from Twitter, of course, impose fees and make profits, but this fee imposed by the unreasonable, knowing that it is one of the most prominent Reasons for the fame of Twitter when it started was to open the house to everyone and give users the opportunity to use it in various ways and means.

On 16 August will be the day of the adoption of the new tariffs, which is the day that we can’t unfortunately use the application of our favorites again.

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