Twitter challenge Share button and save the tweets in the favorite

Important update announced by Twitter by a few regarding the functions of the Share button so that he can do many things including put tweet what you like in a particular favorite your Bookmark to facilitate returning to them later.

You can via the share icon to re-send any tweet for anyone that is included in the conversation to discussion about her, as well as share tweets via email, text messages, and now save the tweet in favorites. This can be done several jobs from one place and became the Share button under the Twitter where the messages icon. Can access tweets favorites from the side menu in the app.

The Twitter users are using alternative ways to put the tweets in the wishlist public, such as admiring the tweet what, therefore, was to appear in their page within the section likes all tweets my favorite, but now put Twitter favorite your own no one can see their content only you.

It seems that feature favorite still popular, while we were using it for a decade and more to save web pages to return to them – Yes, sometimes we do it ! – Today provided by social networks such as Instagram, facebook and twitter each in his own way.

It is worth mentioning that the favorite tweets Twitter is available across its applications on smartphones, including the Lite version and website.

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