Twitter can delete the offending accounts that promote news fake

تويتر تستمر بحذف الحسابات المخالفة التي تروج للأخبار المزيفة

Did Twitter delete 284 account last week relate in one way or another with Iran, Russia, and the news is fake on the network according to its expression, but she didn’t write this, it is the day you delete 486 account the risk of the last to toll accounts suspended to the 770.

Andthe company says that some of the accounts not exceeding 100 claiming to be from the United States, and published the news fabricated and controversial during the financial period relating to the presidency of America in the majority, where the accounts are published approximately 867 tweets in less than a year, has been identified by calculating the s in a miscarriage of one of the news protection worth 30$.

Confirmed Twitter that the payment address for the account that was stopped outside of Iran and was aimed at users from outside the United States, but for news, they look from the same site which contains a lot of exciting news for the body and are published on the Web from different accounts, it’s more like an ad campaign is complete.

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