Twitter brings new updates to the demo version Twttr

After a month of driving company Twitter launched version the checksum of the application Twitter; Twttr, which was created to test new features before applying them formally on the original application, the company is now a new update to this version checksum.

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This version of the test currently has several Twitter users, among the new features added by Twitter to this version; the feature of drag towards the right or left impressive tweeted or answered, this is in addition to the clarification of the writer of the tweet in the chains changes. Moreover, the company added a new look to the time Dark, which already reached into the Twitter app original.

It is worth noting that he has added exclusive features among these features to the Twitter application original including; camera Twitter, Time dark new, view a glimpse of the accounts on the main page without having to navigate to the account page itself.

And, apparently, the users twttr say they prefer this version from the original release, this is according to Sarah Hyde, director of Product Management at Twitter. This most likely means that some of the features of the existing version of the test will make its way to the original application in soon.

However, there are still many changes occur in the version of the test especially with the sharing buttons, including a Like button and a button to re-tweet button reply, the longer these buttons are the spine have a Twitter, though, they would distract the users or be a source of inconvenience and chaos.

In the new update of twttr, the buttons do not appear to participate this by default in the talks as it was before. Now, a user must drag towards the left of the Twitter to like it, however, the reply button still exists.

This is not new, with the beginning of the emergence of the version of twttr, sharing buttons are hidden entirely within the talks, and appear only when you press on the tweet itself.

But it seems that the design decision may change based on differing views, as said Hyde, noting that though to hide the sharing buttons reduces distracting the user during the reading, but it’s more difficult like the tweet has given that it requires a click additional.

However, the replacement of a click away that would make twttr is in line with one of the most gestures in user interfaces in most applications today, because these gestures are considered responsive with the screens and small smartphones.

Expected to see more changes in how to use gestures on Twitter in general, given that when you drag to the left in the application’s main Twitter, show the camera, while when you drag to the right, show the user page.

She explained to Heidi that many of the users twttr they support the idea of a new design for the talks, and in view of the responses are different and the curvature of the style box, the chat round, where they have made it easy to follow strings of conversations and read more of the responses.

However, some of the users of this design, as they have to click on “show more” to view more of the responses, it was these users about their resentment of it, saying that it belongs to them to stay away from the flow of the conversation. Moreover, the situation is dark New makes it difficult to follow the shading with the responses.

It was one of the most features interesting also are those of marked Original Tweet with his Twitter, this was to organize tweets while reading chains of tweets. When the launch of Twttr in the beginning, it was lacking this feature since Twitter was chosen by the official app only. Now this feature is available but differently, where they replaced the Original Tweet with the Author in red under the name of the owner of the Twitter.

In addition, the added relationship of the Following in blue is also under the accounts you follow, so you can learn from pursuing peace talks.

In general, the task of issuing Twttr distinct in the selection of features before applying officially to the official Twitter application, the company said that it may take months to transfer the features of version checksum to the official version.


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