Twitter brings a new user interface to develop browser

A new design for the Twitter application on the browser comes up for some users now, with some new features that include a new design for Button came in the app.

Twitter is rolling out a new web interface

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A new update to apply Twitter on the browser brings users a new interface with some new features, providing network Twitter is in fact a new group of shortcuts is small, supports Twitter faster.

It also includes the fact right now a large button dedicated to add anymore in the Twitter experiment series, also in the left side of the user interface comes a special section for each new user account or months tweets on Twitter, with the design of the reveals quickly for the participants in the conversation.

Has changed the design of the user interface in the browser application to Twitter from three columns to two only, which supports the user in sending tweets is fast, read new tweets, also, it is estimated that available new features for some users now.


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