Twitter application of the new policy in the fight against financial fraud

Fraud is rife on any social network has hundreds of millions of users, Twitter is not far from these practices, so the updated policy on the use of the service in respect of financial fraud.

Previously it was reported about the shady practices like spamming or annoying ads, but today there are clear details about the things granted on Twitter relate to financial matters.

Provides Twitter’s new policy that prohibits users to create phony accounts or accounts claim that they public figures or companies.

It is also forbidden to deceive others via a direct request financial or personal financial information such as credit card information, account numbers.

And the monument through a promise to restore small amounts received by greater amounts later in any way.

As well as prohibiting the establishment of accounts and management operations discounts the possibility that the payment is made by credit card stolen. Of course, banning the practice of phishing by pretending the bank requested financial information from users.

Can report the offending content via a Twitter application or website via the options it’s suspicious or spam, and social network several actions including the development of links posted in tweets of the violation within the list of prohibitions and delete tweets pausing for accounts or suspension permanent.

Recall that Twitter have witnessed the decline of the number of reports this year by about 16%, thanks to its policies in the fight against abusive tweets to use the social network.

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