Twitter announces feature to allow the broadcast of games from several users on the same screen

تويتش تعلن عن ميزة لإتاحة بث الألعاب من عدة مستخدمين على نفس شاشة

Announced broadcast platform known Games, Twitter, for a new feature on behalf of the Squad Stream enables broadcast the games as a group with a maximum of 4 players on the same screen, in the sense that it can be for a number of friends who play on the same team in a game like free broadcast of their game at the same time on the same screen.

Was Twitter allow the broadcasting of the games from the users but all of them will be the transmission separate in the custom window, but with the proliferation of games such as building the forest they put forward a feature that allows show broadcast several problems with the appearance in the same window divided.

Twitter says that the feature will help players to develop their channels and increase of their follow-up will also show the play from different angles for the audience based on the availability of each player, but the feature will be currently available to partners (main channels) and not for all users.

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