Twitter announces changes to improve the experiences of users

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Announced the micro-blogging platform Twitter on Wednesday about the new updates in its platform says that it should make it easier for users to find events big news follow-up, where you are trying to Twitter, which suffers from a slowdown in the growth of users, made it easy for users to follow themes and events via its platform as part of the reason that make them able to attract more users in the first quarter, so that may lead to small changes to make a big impact, and that’s what you were hoping for Twitter across a range of small changes in the user experience.

The organization has been able to in the month of April of the growth in the number of monthly active users with reach 336 million active users with a growth rate of 6 percent on an annual basis, are available updates that were announced during the coming months for users of iOS and android, the company points out that the changes improve the experience users, and they have responded to user feedback regarding changes to the features of exploration and notices, and moments.

Said Keith Coleman Keith Coleman, Vice President of product at Twitter: “we’re working to change how to discover all the information about news, events and opportunities across advertising some of the steps forward, where it will be easier to find events and great opportunities and notifications that you care about and follow in your timeline, as there is the appearance of a new look and feel for moments that show everything you want to see.”

The users in the current time to find the accounts or hashtags or moments related to find news important to them, so they proceeded to the platform of social media by making this process more intuitive by organizing the explore feature depending on the topic rather than content type, and as of today, users will see news or events or stories related to the top of search results, so that they can dive deeper and find more recent information by making use of those results.

The company is experimenting with tabs themes to get experience news more personalized, as it gets the timeline changes also so that it will be expanding the feature “happening now” Happening now, which was introduced last year and for sports fans to follow tweets about the game and get the result in one place, to tweets about breaking news and personal.

And twitter on adjustment notices to include tweets from specific users and topics of specific interest to each individual user, with the possibility to mute these notifications, in addition to their planning to add notifications for breaking news with alerts based on interests derived from user activity on the platform, so that it no longer notices the news is useful to those who want to stay abreast on what’s happening around the world.

Consumers can development within the moments Moments via scrolling vertically, instead of scrolling horizontally the user is currently, as add the company also plans additional time to feature the moment, including a shortened schedule displays the tweets may be missed, and the walls of the last to know the latest and the most important comments when available, in addition to showing them videos live tv when available.

Face the Twitter platform, more than any means of social networking again, a unique challenge even after more than a decade of existence, they still don’t know how to explain what it is for new users, but after 12 years of its launch, the company seems to have finally arrived to the right path, with the leadership of its recently amended its marketing strategy, and recovered growth of users again, as well as to achieve profits.

Twitter announces changes to improve user experiences

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