Twist pen phones Noto throughout history

Updated S Pen support Bluetooth with the Note 9 was the largest through the history, features remote control the phone to open the horizon to support the many functions concerned.

After that update is concerned, it looks a suitable opportunity to review the development of the specification of the S Pen throughout history.

Pen Galaxy Note

– Stated length of 14 mm without 256 level pressure, Unscrew a better alternative than a finger to interact with the phone.

– Next to the gestures control, was one of the functions of the pen to capture screen images and modify them quickly.

– Double clicking on a side button dedicated to launch S Memo to take notes.

– And it converts the handwriting to text of one of the most prominent functions of the pen at the time, was doing it at the highest quality compared to any phone of 2011.

Pen Galaxy Note 2

– Stretch the structure of the larger and more solid the reason for the rubber is larger, supports 1,024 pressure level and to become more productive and an excellent tool for input.

– It was the biggest update is the feature Air View, thanks to the sensor Note 2 to when Duncan of the screen and without touching her, showing thumbnail images of documents, photos, videos when the user hovers the boat over the icons.

– Expanded the functions of the pen within apps in general, for example, now can take a picture of a specific part of the screen and share.

– Provided tool Quick Command that used to write small orders implemented after the phone has several functions such as sending a message or visit the website.

Pen Galaxy Note 3

– Despite his support for the same pressure sensitivity, came to talk radical design where he became squarish variety and thanks to him it became easy to enter the pen from its slot without the need to roll a lot to find out the right side.

– The biggest feature was the list of Air Command that combines the functions of the pen in the list of semi-circular appear at the output of the pen, and it was posts tool internal search S Finder and apply the Sketchbook for the drawing and apply the Action Memo the developer of Quick Command previously referred to.

Pen Galaxy Note 4

– Increased pressure sensitivity to the pressure flow 2,048 level.

– Was the most important feature is the smart to copy any text document or website, as well as a copy of the group of pictures after the clicks and gestures a few near between the functions of the pen mouse.

– Provided the feature Note The images that used the pen to cut parts of photos and share or even convert what is in the image of text to text you can copy and share with simple steps.

Pen Galaxy Note 5

– From the standpoint of design, it was the biggest update to the head of the phone that has become prominent over the place to the user the output of the pen.

– Stripped Samsung the pen of some of the functions of non-professional and focused on core functions: observations and measurements on the screen and control the smartphone which included minor updates.

– List of Air Command came with a new design to implement the TouchWiz interface used phones Samsung at the time, supported the option to amend the apps that appear.

Pen Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 FE

– Become a pen supports 4,096 pressure level is what raised accuracy by a considerable amount.

– Stylus support the resistance of the water for the first time, enabling its use under the rain and were under the running water.

– No longer possible to enter the pen in his place upside down, thus bypassing the problem appeared with the Note 5 knows where the pen is inside the phone when you try to get it out after it is inserted upside down. despite the fact that manual Note 5 He warns of the inserted upside down.

– Of the most important features was the production of a 15 second image of the animated GIF to set the framework by force on video.

– Added three advantages of the list of Air Command: zoom up to 300%, peep for common applications that appear as small when hovering by above applications, and that uses localized Google when hovering by jumping over the word solo.

Pen Galaxy Note 8

– Has not changed the design or the main functions of the registry the S Pen.

– The focus was on productivity, where it became a feature of the soil used with the full sentence and added the application of PenUp as the default for drawing and coloring.

– For observations of the lock screen-the feature that made its debut in Note 5, which is a notation on the lock screen – it can be glued to the network of the Permanent Mission to remind the user.

– Added updates to feature Live Message to create the animated GIF from the text effects and photos and share them with friends.

Galaxy Note 9

– Support for Bluetooth low energy to charge the pen by just 40 seconds.

– Thanks to Bluetooth has become the pen as a tool for the remote in the Note 9 to be used with the camera and applications presentations and applications to run video and audio.

– Provide a pen with multiple colors to write each of them on the lock screen in a matching color, except black Vickers in white.

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