Twilio acquires the service to send email to SendGrid versus the$ 2 million

Twilio تستحوذ على خدمة إرسال البريد الالكتروني SendGrid مقابل 2$ مليار

The company announced the Twilio of America announced the acquisition of the company SendGrid, which offers e-mail services Friday for$ 2 million. Which the unexpected has led to falling shares first high shares of the third after the acquisition.

Is considered SendGrid as a platform cloud service to send messages en masse, but what distinguishes it is its support to the communication channels different between the audio, print, visual, and also allow developers of third party to control their shape based on their need.

And Twilio’s many cloud services and communication services via its platform, as it provides freelancing encrypted Corporate through a special system, which means it had acquired SendGrid to develop the messaging service.

It can be said that the integration of the acquisition of the new with the services, Twilio will help to improve the service, which means return the value of the company to what it was during the next period.

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