TVs Vizio smart will allow you to figure out whether you are spying on you

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Are smart TV’s a brilliant concept, when you consider all the features that you offer which exceed what is offered by regular television sets. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages in this type of televisions, which included by the users of the Vizio because in case you didn’t remember, it has the company encountered a problem when it turns out they are ” spying ” on its users.

Led to lawsuits against the company in the year 2017, forcing the company to pay us $ 2.2 billion in fines to the U.S. government. And for those who heard about this for the first time and still have a TV smart from a company Vizio, you’ll soon be able to tell if they were from people who had been spying on them since the company Vizio is planning to notify affected users, at least according to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter.

This is in accordance with the deposit act request by the company Vizio to postpone the announcement of the registration. Due to the fact that the company Vizio is working to develop a program to display notifications directly on the screen of the TVs Vizio smart, a program that requires a test to make sure the possibility to display notifications properly and as intended. Will be additional time required for staff to ensure that the program sent notices of the proposal, which received preliminary approval meets the legal standards in force.



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