TVs shine again in 2018

Still a lot of people about large TVs, but those devices have become boring and do not offer any noteworthy new, you can deduce that clearly if you have followed the exhibition of consumer electronics CES in the previous years, so that you can note that companies are unable to offer anything new to report, and instead to update its range of devices via some tangible improvements slightly, which seemed through the years that it’s a duplicate and interesting. And this continued until the venue of the events of CES this year’s CES 2018, where the race was this time not with respect to color and intensity of lighting and the number of pixels Extra, and differences that might not attract a lot of users, but in making TVs more practical and unique. [divider][/divider]

Nvidia screen the big games

Think TVs, monitors, computers linked to the kind, each with unique strengths, if you buy a TV in case you wish to get a large screen, supported by a number of modern techniques such as high dynamic range HDR, but in case you want to time lag a few and update high it should get on the screen of the computer. The most important question for many years since it’s the whole screen why not get all the features, and may also request the answer to this question years ago, came the reply through the screen of the NVIDIA BFGD, which combines various specifications such as refresh rate of 120 Hz with time delay is very low and feature NVIDIA G-Sync technology and Quantum Dots along with a screen measuring 65 inches and accurately 4K HDR. [divider][/divider]

Samsung TV wall Wall TV

We can say that the most impressive thing during the show is the Samsung TV named “the wall” The Wall, which achieves the dream of many people, as it consists of television, mainly of several smaller plates to various shapes and sizes, where Samsung showcased through the television screen from the leadership of the 146-inch, along with the detection point on how easily rearrange or add other modules, which makes the TV comes in several sizes and different width. It seems that the company wants to achieve the dream of science fiction, of having the entire wall a screen, and use the television technique of micro-Leeds Micro LED similar function to OLED screens, so that it can display pure black color along with brightness is necessary, it should be noted that this TV is far from the original idea, which I tried Samsung and Sony and other companies executed and delivered to the theaters. Intends to Samsung bring this TV to market very soon, as he’s scheduled event is the official launch in March, although this TV may cost a fortune of money, but it is considered as a change to the way we think about purchase and use TVs home. [divider][/divider]

LG television rollaway

Take TVs, lots of Room space, especially if its size is bigger than 50 inch, and it seems that LG have thought about this matter seriously through the device to My TV which includes a display of type OLED, led by 65-inch, designed by the company LG Display, the affiliate, so that it can be for this TV in case of non-use to hide within the safety does not take a significant amount of space of the room. This television includes a screen subject to wrap when not in use, depending on being flexible OLED panel with a ensure the back of the screen on different slides mounted horizontally to keep them from bending during use, although the technique of screen Flex is not new to LG, but they seem closer than ever to the launch of the formal public use. [divider][/divider]

Google and interest with Android TV

In spite of the allocation of Google, the large amount of promotional material for your chromecast Chromecast, but it didn’t do the same thing with the hardware platform television, Android TV, despite the fact that the platform is Android TV capable of doing everything you can Chrome cast to do, this area was supported previously by a small number of manufacturers such as Sony’echo out of the state, and a few other companies in other places. It seems that things in the their way to learn, as announced Google during CES this year about joining the company made new supports this product such as Changhong, Element, Funai and Haier and Hisense, and Westinghouse, along with the support of the product by screen NVIDIA big BFGD, which brings built-in capabilities platforms a smart TV, so that they can take advantage of the features of the device that Nvidia Shield is based on Android Infuse games desktop computer and access to the services of broadcast content such as YouTube and Netflix Spotify with the help of the Google Assistant. [divider][/divider]

Lower prices for televisions Smart 4K

Traditionally there were two arguments against the purchase of televisions Smart 4K, and that is that our eyes cannot distinguish between the challenge provided by the screen farther from the accuracy of 1080 x 1920 pixels, besides being very expensive, it seems that this argument is in the meridian, since the company introduced the Westinghouse TV 4K supportive for the Android TV costs around 350 USD. Although it does not provide the advantage of high dynamic range HDR only image provided by high-quality enough to not care about most of the people to this feature, as it seems that the new generation of devices series TCL support for Roku good enough, and priced close to $ 650 dollars, which means that we became we can get the televisions smart 4K at cheaper prices than ever.

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