tvOS 12 offers new features now with sound Dolby Atmos

This topic, tvOS 12 offers new features now with sound Dolby Atmos appeared on Engadget.

Know the latest features offered by Apple in the new version tvOS 12 users TVs Apple smartphone.


Progress technology giant Apple range of new features to the users TV Apple through the new version of tvOS 12.

Comes this version to support the fourth-generation of TVs and Apple devices with Apple TV 4K, having launched Apple new version already users.

Are the most important features provided by tvOS 12 today in support of the audio’s Dolby Atmos films on iTunes and other applications.

Also among the other features provided by Apple in screensaver works on supporting the user some information about the site, as it will not need users of the Spectrum TV and internet users shopping thanks to the feature of Zero sign-on new.

The feature works the Zero sign-on for automatic registration of users in video applications on the internet, where is login automatically without the need to pre-register for once.

Experience the acoustics of the possible supported now feature Dolby Atmos, which show the best performance on the speaker and receiver that support this technology.

Also updated iTunes to automatically select new to view the free movies, where is Apple TV is now your first broadcast with the support of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Devices Apple TV 4K with the release of tvOS 12

Provide Apple with update tvOS 12 cinematic viewing experience on devices Apple TV 4K, with Dolby Atmos audio which offers new standards in the film projector to the user.

Company Apple has launched Apple TV 4K last fall, to deliver to the users through a large collection of Movies 4K HDR on iTunes, which include some choices of movies.

In the autumn of this year we expect a new set of movies is possible with audio and the new Dolby Atmos, to be available from Apple on iTunes.

And devices Apple Apple 4K TV is the first choice for video service providers, to view the subscription services to users of the devices.

Apple made comments also about the service providers in the United States, where the identified Charter Communications as the second best service provider video in the United States.

Also scheduled to speak on the iPhone and iPad in Call seamlessly with TVs, Apple and Siri in tvOS 12, as expected the Apple TV to these devices.

The user can register in the application of the Apple TV to not automatically login to the application and recorded video, as the console works in the Apple TV to add the Control Center automatically phones the iPhone and the iPad, to achieve more safety in TVs Apple.

So you can experience the new features in tvOS 12 if you are a user of Apple TV, offering Apple new version now users.


This topic, tvOS 12 offers new features now with sound Dolby Atmos appeared on Engadget.

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