TV comes to Instagram is a popular social network launches new service IGTV

Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds, every day increasing the number of active users. Army of nine-year-old has already crossed the 1 billion, but the company is not going to stop. After the victory over the Vine, of which all have forgotten, Instagram has decided to threaten on a more serious contender – YouTube, announcing the service IGTV.

The number of registered users is really amazing. It is clear that a certain part of the accounts is fake, advertising or just spam uchitomi, but the rest is real people. Over the past year the service has added 200 million users, making it possible to achieve record levels. However, it is not clear such a serious activity, because in recent years the social network has not conducted any major announcements.

So what is the IGTV? In fact before us a longer history. According to the Director of the company, the service is designed to dramatically simplify the video watching on the phone (all the videos are played in portrait mode). He spent a certain parallel with the TV: you don’t need to view a long directory or search for something interesting, it just involves IGTV and begins to watch.

Regular accounts can now remove the 10-minute video and upload them, while larger accounts will get the ability to record hour-long videos. Currently no monetization IGTV no, but in the future the company plans to add encouraging content makers to remove hour limit on videos.

The new service IGTV will receive their own standalone app for viewing and downloading video, but users are not required to download it. In fact, Instagram has now added the icon, by clicking which opens a list of those whom you follow and who have already take advantage of the new service.The presentation was announced a couple of shows (for example, English cooking show), but these should become more and more, there is that issue with advertising and monetization. Without such “motivation” not many people will bother on the creation of unique content.

I like “believer”, still hard to perceive vertical video seriously, but the yard 2018, so you have to put up with. How do you feel about such videos?

Source – The Verge

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