Turkey announces a new application for the immediate fears of surveillance and registration

تركيا تعلن عن تطبيق جديد للتواصل الفوري ومخاوف من المراقبة والتسجيل
Turkey announces a new application for the immediate fears of surveillance and registration

Turkey launched the application locally for text messages for WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Facebook, which raised fears of critics of the government to use the new app to control and enhance the security campaign launched by the government 18 months ago.

And launched Turkey on the app name (PI.T.T Messenger) in reference to the initials of the General Authority for mail and telegrams of the soil (PI.T.T), and began work by limited them in the past few days, in government institutions and some private companies. It is expected to be available to everyone within six months.

Government spokesman Bakar post in a press conference that the new app will provide a secure system. He added, ”so that the Host server doesn’t store any data, it will be impossible to access any of them. System has been developed more secure than WhatsApp“.

Some feel in the matter of the impossibility of retrieving the data from the new application and to grant authorities greater ability to control the opposition, noting that the security campaign is clear which launched in July 2016.

There is also a risk of to become download the ultimate app mandatory for devices used in the enterprise and then on the devices employees personal.It was not possible to access to the postal authority for comment.

The company (statista) for research to a survey conducted by the until December of 2016 indicates that an estimated 40 percent of Turkey’s population use WhatsApp heavily. And those women more than like the proportion of users in the United States, amounting to about 18 percent, but less than their counterparts in other emerging markets including Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

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