TSMC will manufacture processors and tortillas to buy Huawei

HiSilicon Kirin 980

Company is working HiSilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei on the design of the processors, the chips were their own and important manufactured buy TSMC, it seems that they will continue to do so. Said a spokesman for the company TSMC that the company will continue to work with the company Huawei, despite the fact that many of the other companies to cut ties with the Chinese company.

One of the companies that decided to cut off its relationship with Huawei is a company ARM. Used processors HiSilicon Kirin designs ARM both in the central processor or in the processor graphics, so this represents a strong blow. However, it should be the HiSilicon capable of producing the current models and possibly even treatments and tortillas that are currently under development.

A source in the company ARM channel BBC that the processor HiSilicon Kirin 985 not affected by the change. It was probably this wizard is tied to the phones Huawei Mate 30, but without Android, the future is uncertain.

In the month of January, the company revealed Huawei unveiled the Tiangan, the first processor 5G essential in the world, which are used in plants for Huawei 5G core. However, this includes processor designs ARM, so it became the work of the company Huawei in the youth sector at risk in the time that I started to telecommunications companies all over the world to establish 5G networks own.


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