TSMC begins with the first steps to develop chips arranged on the accuracy of the manufacture of 3 nm

Company started TSMC in the processing facilities necessary for the development of the chip were possible to accurately manufacture 3 nm, with a view to start production in 2023.

Support company TSMC this year both Apple and Huawei and Qualcomm in the process of manufacturing the chips for these companies, where the company manufactures chip Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm, the chip A13 Bionic Apple the company also manufactures chip Huawei Kirin 990, where to arrange these chips on the manufacturing process of 7 nm.

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The number that appears in the process of price the chip to the number of transistors contained in the chip, with the lower figure in the manufacturing process comes a greater number of transistors inside the chip, which supports the chip efficiency standards higher, with the consumption of less energy.

I have made a TSMC chip Huawei Kirin 990, for example, a chip modem, 5G, with the number of transistors up to 10.3 million, where the company was keen on reducing the manufacturing process over recent years with the number and of the transistors annually.

The process of manufacturing chips is strictly less and a larger number of transistors of the most difficult manufacturing processes in a technical world, except that the company TSMC is one of the leading companies in the industry, where you can start the production of chips with a precision of 5 nm next year, as the start Korean giant Samsung also manufacture the chip with a precision of 5 are also next year.

On the other hand, use Samsung at the beginning of next year to start the process of manufacturing the chip Snapdragon 865 which is based on the accuracy of manufacturing of 7 nm architectural EUV resists based on lithography UltraViolet, a technology support pay a greater number of transistors in the chip to accurately manufacture more efficient.

Also expected to adopt Qualcomm for TSMC in the process of manufacturing the Snapdragon 875 in 2021, which will be the first slide is possible to accurately manufacture 5 nanometer phones Andorid Smart, is also expected to use TSMC manufacturing process of 5 nm on a chip Apple A14.

And both TSMC and Samsung for the next generation of chips possible to accurately manufacture 3 nm, where she began TSMC already in the development of private enterprises of the manufacturing process, with expectations to commence production of these chips in 2023, while Samsung plans to start production of these chips in the period between 2021 to 2022, to be arranged on the architecture of Samsung’s new GAA.


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