TSMC began producing chips A13 for the next versions of phones iPhone

Company TSMC to supply chips processor A13 to buy Apple in the coming period, where the start of mass production of the chip during the next month, according to Bloomberg.

TSMC A13 chip

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Confirmed a new report from Bloomberg on the start of the TSMC trial production chip processor A13 New supported versions of Apple coming from phones iPhone, to start mass production of the chip at the end of this month.

It is scheduled to come chip A13 accurately manufacture 7 nm, with improvements in architectural EUV resists that use the UV, where the projections indicate that the chip will support longer battery life, with improvements in performance.

I have confirmed the leaks so far that Apple will launch three versions of phones, the iPhone also during this year, that corresponds to the three versions in the language of exterior design, also comes a higher version of the Apple Settings three camera rear, with sensor characteristic wide-angle, while the new version of the phone XR with Lens telephoto.

Also among the nurses that are offered in versions this year of phones, the iPhone charging feature opposite from one phone to another, a feature which will allow users to recharge the headset AirPods or accessories Apple same experience from Huawei and Samsung in versions.


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