TSMC announces new generation of processors accurately manufacture 6 nm

The company announced TSMC on the new generation of chip processor possible to accurately manufacture 6 nm, which come improvements more about current processors is possible to accurately manufacture 7 nm.

TSMC announces 6nm process

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Company TSMC to drive a new generation of processors to the smartphone market and mobile devices, where comes the next generation strictly to the manufacture of 6 nm and density higher by 18%, How come the Wizards of the new improvements and the ability to integrate more components in the slide.

It is scheduled to begin TSMC mass production of the chipset to accurately manufacture 6 nm in the first quarter of 2020, this at a time when the company is facing some challenges in the production of chips is strictly 7 nm, which is characterized by the manufacture of EUV resists.

Recall that the chipset processor with 6 nm later come to support smart phones and mobile devices along with the technique of artificial intelligence, and also the 5G technology.


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