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Have you ever clicked on a link on Facebook and moved to a site you’ve never heard of before and wondered if it was what you read it true or fake news stories, or tone fulfilling?

In 2018 become the lines between the three frames is more obvious with the passage of time, as some sites require research Double or a closer look at the finer details to see if you are actually on the website, which is expected to be in.

Fortunately, the company aims Eyeo, the parent company for AdBlock Plus to fight this gray area on the internet and the evacuation things for everyone by adding Trusted News, here’s how they work.

How to install Trusted News

Unfortunately at the moment no tool is available Trusted News only to the Chrome browser, so if you are using Firefox or Safari or another browser, you’ll have to wait until up to you.

If you use Chrome browser, open new tab and head to and click on get Trusted News browser Chrome, this will take you to the Chrome Web Store, you will need to click Add to Chrome, and will add it immediately without having to set up, andwhen you visit the site for news, will tell you the Add icon in the list of the Chrome in the top left of the browser if the source is credible or not.

How TrustedNews

Run extensions Trusted News by the Protocol MetaCert used sources such as Snopes and PolitiFact “to measure the validity of the news content”.

When visiting a web site, you are granting this site an assessment, and if the site trust worthy, you’ll know the code in the list of chrome green checkmark, if you click this icon, it will give you a brief summary about the reason for considered the site reliable, and what are some reviews or other cases of potential which can be provided by the channel Trusted News:

Unknown: prevent data insufficient Trusted News from the assessment website.

Not trusted: the website publishes knowingly false or misleading information.

Spelling: web site content alphabetically is not intended to use it for news factual.

Biased: the website publishes information politically biased and “see the presence of non-installed or perverted”.

Harmful: the web site is attacking your computer with malware or phishing or virus or spyware or other threats.

Click bait: a website intentionally uses misleading headings to attract readers to inflate traffic, and therefore revenue.

User-generated content: a page or site that contains content created by contributors from external agencies, this can be a location for social interaction like Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or you may also be like Tumblr.

During the selection of Trusted News they seem to work rather well, with the mark on the sites that contain a clear relationship has been marked on all social media sites model as a user-generated content, and to grant most of the websites realism that button by a green check mark, however, still a lot of sites do not contain sufficient data to Trusted News to make a fair assessment, and it is supposed to change in the future.

As when you click on the Add icon to reveal more information about the ratings, there is a section says: “soon to be guest”, so for websites that are still flying down the radio partners, Trusted News, will be able to the community to determine the reliability of the website.

Does not require tool Trusted News any effort to use, so there is no reason not to use it, just install the extension and see the right corner of the browser window when you visit the web site unfamiliar for the reliability of the website.

Link to theme of source: Trusted News, for real news from the fake

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