Trump will attend the network devices of Huawei and Chinese companies

The United States believes several manufacturers phones China such as ZTE and Huawei a risk to national security, so the government warned the number of its allies from using the network devices of Huawei in the establishment of the fifth generation for fear of having a suitable spy allows leaking confidential information to China.

This comes despite denials, Huawei continued to the allegations, after accusing the company of stealing the secrets of the industry and an important network of T-Mobile USA, where she won the affection of the service compensation of $ 4.8 million.

Trump to sign order banning U.S. carriers from using networking gear from China

Trump to sign order banning U.S. carriers from using networking gear from China

Damaged the relationship between the United States and China in part due to the continuous attack on Huawei, and the latest reports of the newspaper Politico America that the American President Donald Trump is preparing to sign a presidential order that prevents American companies from using the network devices of any Chinese company during the next week by the conference of the phones international planned between 25 to 28 February.

This comes the careful selection of vote to the United States the world the extent of its interest in the security of information, that at the same time remain Huawei is the manufacturer of the first in the world to address the mobile networks, where mobile companies around the world currently build network infrastructure 5G New.

This it is reported that the Chinese law forces telecommunications companies there to help the Chinese Communist government the task by their intelligence.

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