Trump will allow US companies to deal with Huawei again

US President Trump and his government are working now on the version of the license allows for U.S. companies to provide Huawei with some non-sensitive this according to the statements of some staff members enmeshed in this story.

At a meeting held last week, the Trump to give the green light officially began in the issuance of such permits and licences where it will allow a limited number of companies to provide Huawei products and services. This comes after the ban on Huawei is almost entirely in May last year.

On the other hand it will be held to adopt the staff responsible for trying to solve this problem between America and China this week in Washington, this would be their twelfth meeting, is all this coming after the meeting Trump and Chinese President before, but this meeting did not provide concrete solutions.

From the point of view of analysts, this license that we’re talking about now may be just a proof of goodwill from the Trump encounter of Chinese which may result in a complete solution to this crisis soon, since this crisis has affected Americans negatively more than positively influenced and time as well for the Chinese also.

Source: NYT

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