Trump signed the decision allows the government to prevent American companies from buying telecom equipment from abroad

ترامب يوقع على قرار يتيح لحكومته منع الشركات الأمريكية من شراء معدات الاتصالات من الخارج

The president signed the American, Donald Trump, on a new resolution to raise the pace of trade relations with China, particularly Huawei, granting the federal government permission to prevent American companies from purchasing any equipment related to communications made externally because of the risk of national security.

After the issuance of the decision of the President, Trump did not identify any offshore companies that will prevent the purchase of them directly, but the decision will help the Ministry of Commerce, identifying any companies that could pose a danger to U.S. national security and thus will be responsible for the Prohibition of company that you want, which appears to be directed directly against China’s Huawei.

And is Huawei is the largest company to develop communications equipment relating to the provision of the fifth generation in the world, but they are facing a war since the duration of the American government, which prevented it from selling its phones and its equipment in the United States, and now want to prevent American companies from purchasing any equipment from them. This is in addition to the urging of the U.S. government continuing for other states to boycott Huawei.

The US government says to its counterpart, the Chinese may force Huawei to install tools or spy software in their equipment to eavesdrop on the United States, despite denials, Huawei this Toto only the United States insists constantly on its site.

In her statement to The Verge, crossed the Huawei expressed its willingness and its desire to talk with the US government after the decision to Trump to reach effective solutions to ensure the safety of their products. Completed this hurt the desire of the companies that want to get their products, it also slows down the development of the fifth-generation networks in the country.

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