Trump raises tariffs on cell phones and mobile computing Chinese

US President Donald Trump last Friday about the lifting of tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States to 25% on a large number of Chinese products. Revealed the list of products of the second batch that will be exposed to increase tariffs for contain technical devices such as smart phones and mobile computing and tablet devices.

Under these new tariffs in the case of its application, the apple of America will be more affected where the manufacturing its devices in China, in addition to a large number of emerging companies that depend on China in the supply of components for its products.

Aims Trump from raising tariffs on Chinese exports to force it to renegotiate the terms of foreign trade between the two countries.

Will conduct a public hearing on June 17 to discuss the increase of tariffs for 3805 product manufactured in China and imported to the United States, and then through the 7 days can provide comments before the application of the new tariffs at the end of June next.

It is worth mentioning that the co-chairs Donald Trump and Xi Jinping will meet within the top twenty in Japan in that same period and perhaps a debate between them about a theme that affects about 300 million dollars worth of Chinese goods that are exported to the United States.

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