Trump misses the button main iPhone

If you are using iPhone 8 or older and recently switched to use one of the new phones as the American Donald Trump, you’ll notice the lack of a home button, a change which did not like the president.

Since 2017, with the launch of the iPhone X, Apple developed a screen full level on the Home button in favor of facial recognition feature, and it seems that the U.S. president has realized the change recently, and not in favour, he said in a tweet that the button was the best.

Tweet Trump was addressed directly to Tim Cook the head of Apple, it is likely that the iPhone coming in the name of the SE 2 will fit to Trump, being a coming design for iPhone 8 with a home button.

The positive thing is that Donald Trump did not complain of the lack of a headphone port of 3.5 mm, this means that the president does not listen to music through wired headphones and perhaps uses AirPods.

Source: Trump – Twitter

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