Trump may prevent US companies from buying from Huawei

That is expected to adopt the American President Donald Trump an executive order this week to prohibit American companies from buying ingredients from companies that represent a danger to national security, this means in particular Huawei.

Will not allow the executive order specific companies or individuals covered by the ban, but it certainly will be a lot of global companies by the United States to the list of companies which gives contracted, perhaps the biggest target would be Huawei.

Think Huawei is the largest supplier of communications equipment and related around the world, the third largest smart phone manufacturer after Samsung, it offers the right 23 indictments related to violations of intellectual property rights, obstructing justice and committing fraud and evasion of U.S. sanctions in Iran.

Didn’t you write us freely on Huawei directly, but called on other states not to contract with Huawei in relation to the network of the fifth generation considering them untrustworthy.

Already the president signed Trump a ban on companies Huawei and ZTE are China’s two to prevent the use of their products by the U.S. government.

Currently benefit about 100 thousand subscribers to the internet within the United States of call across the network and equipment is owned by Huawei and ZTE.

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