Trump is preparing to give permission for U.S. companies to license the products to Huawei of new

A report published today from the New York Times that the US President Donald Trump is preparing to announce a new resolution to give a statement to some American companies licensing products to Chinese giant Huawei.

The administration seems to be on its way to resolve the crisis with the Chinese giant Huawei has revealed a new report from the New York Times on the plans of Donald Trump next to allow for a number of companies licensing their own products of Huawei.

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I have confirmed the source of this information to the New York Times that the decision Donald Trump has been issued and approved during the meeting held last week, and is scheduled in accordance with this resolution that are licensed to sell American products, which do not represent harm to the national security of the United States of Huawei.

As the report added that since last August a record of more than 130 applications in the Ministry of commerce by US companies to allow them to license their own products of Huawei.

In time, the current can not confirm whether this statement will include the software platform and landed from Google, only to license Andre will allow the company Huawei launched its new phone Mate 30 Pro in global markets with the services of Google, to get over the biggest obstacle that prevents Chinese giant of the competition with new releases and smartphones.


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