Trump has changed his mind: Google back in the smartphone Huawei

A ban on the use of Google services in their smartphones, Huawei has become a big problem. As soon as the news swept through the media, sales of branded devices, the company has sharply gone on recession, and some very timid people began to get rid of even already purchased devices brand. Because you never know what might happen, they reasoned, these people were right. However, not in the sense that they are invested in their arguments. After all, Google can get back into the smartphone Huawei very soon.

Huawei will work again with Google services. Well, I guess

According to the New York Times, the Bush administration is preparing the license package for Huawei, which will allow it to resume cooperation with American businesses. In the list of companies with which Huawei will be able to work together, will include all the organizations, but only those who are engaged in the production of “sensitive products”. While it is unclear what exactly will be included in the exception list, but most likely it will be Telecom equipment, to which Google services are not, and therefore, access to them, the Chinese are likely to return.

Will do with Huawei sanctions

Partial withdrawal with Huawei restrictions that were imposed on the company due to sanctions, is a kind of prelude to large-scale trade deal between the US and China. And since Huawei is to China is extremely significant enterprise, its success is very important for the government. Therefore it is logical that the Chinese authorities insist, to begin any negotiations on cooperation, in which the Americans are no less interested, if not a complete lifting of sanctions with Huawei, at least with relief.

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For Huawei, it is extremely important to regain the right to set the Google services on their smartphones. Indeed, in the absence of Google Play, Google Pay and other popular services the search giant users buy flagship Mate 30 with obvious reluctance. Despite the fact that Huawei has reported a steady demand for new, sale is only good in China, where Google services are still not available. But in Russia and Europe where the search giant is probably the key component of any Android smartphone, even 30 Mate not for sale.

Returns whether Huawei Google

However, the resumption of relations between Huawei and Google is notable not only from the point of view of business development of Chinese companies, but also from the standpoint of psychology. In the end, it is unclear how the Chinese will react to the fact that now they will return to access Google services, the replacement of which they are so hard to develop. But, to be honest, Huawei clearly has spent a billion dollars on a project ecosystemin which there are no Google services.

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However, if I were the head of Google, I would have insisted that Huawei, by using Google Mobile Services, signed a waiver to develop their own services. Otherwise, Google for the lack of such a Pact could result in serious problems in the future. After all, who was imprisoned under the wing of the search giant, only a few Huawei may voluntarily abandon its services, because it will have their own services with whom it will compete with Google.

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