Trump accuses Google promotion news negative about his

ترامب يتهم قوقل بالترويج للأخبار السلبية حوله

Express to the US President, Donald Trump, about his wrath towards many of the media institutions of America because of its promotion of the news negative about him, but he continued to do so beyond the institutions of traditional media, where the accused company, Google promotion, news series in search results with news.

Trump said that Google shows negative news about him in the introduction to the results of the news, while working to show the results the good news at the end of the search results.

He explained to the American president on his personal Twitter account that 96% of the results that appear when searching for “news Trump” the source of its institutions, the media, the right-wing opposition, which is what causes the problem of the influence special people and others are turning in to see him.

And for the record, the news search results follow the algorithms defined in general for any position within the list of Google News, it is subject to the power in the dissemination of specific information and the number of clicks and the location and quality of the news in search engine and other things. As long as most of the news is negative about it from institutions like CNN, it is normal to show negative results at the beginning of the search based on the things that we have mentioned.

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