Tron is preparing for bullrun. When to expect growth?

Lately Tron attracts even more attention, cryptocommunist. Recently, the coin surpassed Monero by market capitalization and stuck in 10th place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. While the daily volume of transactions TRX increased to two million, which is a new record for the project. In addition to fundamental factors, positive change in the future also say graphics coins.

At the moment, Tron is trading around 0.014 us dollar. For the past day TRX fell nearly 1 percent. Capitalization of crypto-currencies is $ 953 million, and daily trading volumes increased by 25.28 per cent to $ 76 million.

Technical analysis

Scale 1-hour chart has multiple lines to keep track of all holders and traders TRX. The first is the uptrend from 0,011 to 0,013 dollar. The second is horizontal resistance area is 0.017 dollar. And finally, the third downtrend with the nearest point of resistance in the area of 0,015 USD.

Image source — AMBCrypto

Parabolic SAR started to point out the arrival of polar bears as indicator dots appeared over the last few candlesticks on the chart. It seems that in the near future sellers will try and force through below to my original purpose in 0.011 dollar.

1-daily chart Tron is still in a downtrend. It is noteworthy that the angle of incidence of bitcoin has increased, so the past month has brought more losses to investors in TRX. Now they just have to hope for a gradual arrival of the market to the stage of oversold.

Image source — AMBCrypto

Looks like all this goes. Technical indicators on a scale of 1-day graphics talking about the damping forces of the bears. Held on MACD bullish crossover, and the Klinger Oscillator is gradually growing up. In the near future we can expect a sharp rise in prices of Tron. Likely to profit from this movement will get exactly the bulls, not the bears.


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