Triple the Galaxy camera — features

Samsung Galaxy S10+ - с тройной камерой?

New flagship (and not only the flagship) smartphones Samsung Galaxy can equip the triple chambers, the alleged characteristics of which have already appeared in the Network.

Next year will mark 10 years of the flagship Galaxy S lineup from Samsung. And the company is likely to make the anniversary the flagship of the spectacular. According to the previously appearing in web reports, Galaxy S10+ will feature a triple main camera, which will be previously discussed dual selfie camera news. Reviewed by Jordan (Yordan) on the resource page new message for how it will be implemented triple camera in Samsung Galaxy S10+.

What will triple camera Samsung Galaxy S10+?

It is noted that according to the new message from South Korea, the basic triple-sensor camera Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a 16 megapixel. Also there are two lenses: a 13-megapixel telephoto and wide angle 12 megapixel.

It is now believed that the base model Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a triple camera

As reported by Korean resource ETNews, Samsung had originally planned to equip with the triple camera only one generation model Galaxy S10, but now plans have changed and triple cameras will complement the two new flagship.

Galaxy A9 (2019) — with triple the camera?

Another next-generation smartphone from Samsung, which can be equipped with a triple camera, will model Galaxy A. it is Not excluded that speech can go about the mid-end smartphone Galaxy A9 (2019). In this device, the main 32-megapixel sensor will be combined with 8 – and 5-megapixel additional. The source does not indicate which of the sensors have to be wide angle and some telephoto.

In 2019 the triple camera of the smartphone can become a significant trend

Analysts predict that more than 10% of the smartphones of 2019 will be fitted with triple cameras, since LG and Samsung will be along with Huawei, to equip their devices with such modules. The increase in the number of cameras in smartphones will increase the rate of production of sensors and improve the business results of such companies as Samsung, MCNEX, CamSys and others, noted advanced.

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