Triple the camera to get only the most expensive models of iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max

At the end of October last year, Apple unveils the iPad Pro. When the company first showed the model with the drive of 1 TB. It is noteworthy that this modification is also distinguished by the amount of RAM. And it seems that Apple will take this practice into service – the Japanese edition Macotakara reports that triple the camera to get only certain models of iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max.

According to the source, triple camera module will be exclusive to the most expensive versions of the iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max. Insiders emphasize that this option is available only in configurations of 256 GB and 512 GB of internal memory. Other modifications will be equipped with dual camera. What is involved in such a move, the source said.

By the way, this information is at odds with the information from the authoritative edition of Bloomberg. Earlier it was reported that an array of three cameras will only get 11 Max iPhone, while the iPhone iPhone 11 and 11R will be equipped with dual module. Possible that Apple changed its plans at the last moment.

Actually, this is not the first case when Apple intentionally restricts the basic version of the smartphone. In 2016, Apple introduced the color “Black onyx” for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This color was offered only in versions 128 and 256 GB. Then it was possible to explain the complex production process — anodizing process consisted of nine stages, plus polished. However, about 30-40% of the iPhone did not pass quality control and were sent to additional processing.

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