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Feature accessibility in Apple is one of the strengths that excels where Apple over its competitors are clear. These advantages make the Apple products available to everyone without exception. But some may think it a lot and some of the Apple users to benefit of these advantages are only for the disabled but this is not true. In this article we will mention some tricks to access that every user needs to know.

Using Apple’s global day of awareness of special needs, where the opportunity to refer to her record that spans decades of time in the development of its software to make its devices usable by everyone. Earlier this year Apple reported :

One of every seven people in all over the world from some kind of disability, whether physical disability is obvious and visible such as vision or hearing, or loss of movement of the body, or hidden disability invisible

Accordingly, says Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, to access a “human right,” adding, ” they value basic human to Apple, we don’t make products for a certain group of people, but we make products for everyone. We have a strong feeling that everyone deserves equal opportunities”.

Given the commitment to Apple about this, he has got numerous awards, praised by the American Council of the blind, the foundation for cerebral palsy, the National Association of the deaf, because that would change people’s lives for the better and in those disabilities.

The following are some of the tricks of the access that needs to know every user of Apple devices


Mac,-iPad, and-iPhone, even the Apple watch, all in support of the spelling. You can use the spelling in messages, emails, and notes. You can use Siri for some tasks through dictation.

You can activate dictation by Settings> General> keyboard > and enable dictation. In the keyboard is pressed on the microphone then speak.

Don’t ignore the VoiceOver

Old was getting VoiceOver cost hundreds of dollars, so the purchase of dedicated hardware and connected to the computer. Now this feature is completely free, that included the Apple TV in all its organs. This feature not only tells you what is happening on your computer, it allows you to control your device through your voice.

You will find the option of voice overs in Settings then general then accessibility and then there will be a VoiceOver which includes many options that enable you to adjust it as you want.

Property cost

You can ask from your Mac or iPhone, read text that you have selected. To activate it through the Settings > General > accessibility and then you’ll find the option cost or Speech just activate it. Now when you select text you will see a list of you can do the “expensive” ones.

Always remember that among the options “cost” the possibility of changing the tone of voice used for each language there are several tones of Arabic such as “Leila and Magda and Gibraltar”. There is an option to improve the horse from the photo interpretation of the “except Gibraltar” and the higher the quality and size of image files has become more natural.

Alerts silent.

By activating this feature you get calls and alerts in a manner silent and at the same time pay attention to those alerts received, through the use of flash instead of images. You can activate it through Settings> General> accessibility and then turn on LED flash for alerts.

Adjustment on vibrations

If you can’t see who is calling you for a reason it lets you create the types of vibrations and allocated to specific people, and through the contacts – look for the person that you want to customize the the vibrations of the Don’t – edit – the vibration – create the vibration of the new. This feature released in iOS 5 and identified by Apple in iOS 6 and stated that we don’t a detailed article over 6 years ago find it in this link.

Create images your

Through the Assistive Touch custom to prevent facing the problem in touch, whether for reasons of health or because the screen of his computer problem. You can through this feature to create gestures particular to your device.

There are many ways to enable AssistiveTouch:

1 – Go to Settings – General – accessibility – AssistiveTouch, and then activate it.

2. tell Siri about it (enable AssistiveTouch).

3 – go to Settings – General – accessibility – accessibility shortcut and enable AssistiveTouch.

Through this feature you can set up gestures your through favorite and we talked about this feature in detail in several previous articles of this link as well as this link.

Zoom feature

This characteristic is important for any user and is more useful in the Apple watch. This feature allows persons with limited vision relatively use applications, maps, or anything else on the device. Through accessibility – zoom – and then using three fingers to zoom in or to return to the default mode. For travel, you can use the digital crown.

Activate the zoom feature Abdul go to Settings> General > accessibility> you will see the option zoom in Zoom features a large number of advantages of the sub that lets you customize this zoom appropriate for you.

Browse yourself more.

For both its own needs and access very large and dozens of more sub to it directly. So the last recommended is not feature, but their advice is to go by yourself to Settings> General> accessibility and then look at options, what is suitable for you. There are many wonderful benefits such as “access router” which is more Favorite to me and used them with the children -see this link– as well as feature tests to access.

What features that you use to access it? Tell us about her, see your brothers in the comments to interest

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