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Ask the company tried a full range of storage media, mobile devices, allows sharing files and data between computers and mobile phones with ease without having to rely on cloud services, the group tried the new self mobile-type flash Transcend mobile flash drives for users of phones that are running Android system or Apple iOS connect the storage memory of the external flash directly to phone to transfer and store data without the need to connect to the Internet or cable computer, allowing the transfer store and share data between different devices without effort, but high speeds also.

Provides a trend for users of mobile devices operating systems iOS two flashers storage medium is a jet drive Joe JetDrive Go 300 and jet drive Joe JetDrive Go 500, come flash memory jet drive Joe 300 classic black, silver, gold, and pink for compatibility with iOS, Android iOS, with port USB3.1 of the first-generation port Lightning dual connectors, it becomes the data transfer between the mobile and the computer is easy too, apart from having a property Airdrop, become jet drive Joe 300 an alternative way to easy share files with friends when you have no connection to the wireless network or between different devices.

Is the flash memory jet drive Joe 500 one of the smallest flash of the Treaty of the type of MFi in the market, this memory has a metal cover stylish of zinc in silver and gold to align with the design for Apple, has designed a jet drive Joe 500 specifically for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and with the two of the recommendation are the Lightning connector and USB connector 3.1 of the first generation, which provides a very convenient way in make backup copies of data and transfer files between devices running iOS and Computers Macintosh computers regular personal and portable, Featuring flash memory jet drive Joe 500 feature feature on-the-go to quickly transfer data, they also provide storage capacity up to 128 GB of data storage on devices Apple TV personal.

The company has developed tried applying the jet drive Joe to work specifically with that Flash jet drive Joe 300 and jet drive Joe 500, which features one use easy allow browsing of the rapid photo and Video Transfer, and copy them between mobile phones and flash memory a simple set of steps, the app also supports backup feature that allows to transfer all pictures and videos from devices running the iOS to the jet drive Joe 300 or jet drive Joe 500 in just one click, Considers themselves a flash that works with cosmetic OTG the perfect solution for users of Android devices to create a backup of data or transfer any file to another device running the same system.

And features memory jet flash JetFlash 880 USB 3.0 OTG with great speed in data transfer, as it allows quick transfer easy files on Android devices, and features a flash drive jet flash 880 the existence of the port connecting the double, the first cross-connector micro-USB retractable-reflective and the second via connector USB 3.0 type-A, and this memory automatically when they are connected to contain properties plug and play, the interface is the use of memory allowing to transfer files easily to any normal devices equipped with a USB port, Including computers, office and computer equipment, light Ultrabooks and notebooks, TV sets, players and BluRay DVD players, projectors, Digital Photo Frames and gaming consoles.

With the growing market of mobile phones that contain a separate USB Type-C, subtract the trend memory jet flash 890, which have the advantage that they combine the delivery port USB 3.1 of the first generation USB Type-C which provides greater ease in the transfer and sharing of images, music, video and any digital files between tablet devices and mobile computers, Macintosh computers, personal computers, laptops, and with one use USB 3.1 of the first generation of super-speed, The memory of jet flash 890 featuring fast data transfer of up to 130 Mbps which means access to data at lightning speed.

The supplied memory jet flash 880 and jet flash 890 Chip On Board or what you know short with COB, and also a portfolio of metal with attractive design for protection from dust and splashes of water, however the weight is very light compared to other, the user can download the application of Transcend Elite from the site of Transcend official online operating systems for Windows and Mac OS, in addition to the possibility of downloading from the Google Play Store for mobile devices running Android, this app is one use easy helps the user to manage the data is diverse to increase production, The program allows to backup data or encrypt it with 256 bit or copy the backup files from the cloud, and browse files, photos, videos, documents, and other important processes of the flash memory.

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