Trap YouTube to steal our time for? And how to survive them

A million and a half users per month network youtube, can you imagine with me this dance, this means that soon there will be a quarter of the world’s population watching a video via this platform, as that site has the second place after Google in the list of the alexa, this means that of the most visited websites in the internet, not only that, but it consumes a lot of time visitors, it’s hard to find the person inside to come out after 3 or 4 minutes, and has tightened and temptations have been prepared in order to keep you as long as possible within the network.

Youtube has a major goal (among other goals) is to keep the viewer as long as possible; gain more time and my time within the network, the main reason behind it is the physical return of course, while watching more means that it’s possible to show more ads, thus achieving more profit.

Treatment of YouTube is simple in order to achieve this goal, the company rewards the owners of the channels that keep the viewer as long as possible while watching a video of her, that shed light on the channel more and more public, thus increasing the financial office to the owners of those channels (via the AD).

Is the circle a spin and everyone wins, the only loser is time, time is the currency that is consumed in this equation, is that mobility does not increase, the channel increase its profits, youtube increases the gain, but you only lose time.

Of course you will tell me now that you’re not element the loser, but you’re a winner from among the gainers, I know, has already said that everyone comes out a winner out of the equation, you and I as users get the information for free, learn and benefit, and acquire expertise was difficult to acquire out of date, and it’s all we use in our homes without our making any effort or sacrifice any money.

But this is in case we share the content useful and beneficial, that the content that gets little attention and views-unfortunately – while entertainment content (sometimes app) on the million views, I know it’s not wrong to watch entertainment content, but the problem is when we add the bulk of my time, life’s work of building, construction and development of knowledge first, and YouTube one of the doors of the temple.

Knowing for free, but its negative!

Free content on YouTube, the positive feature which is a negative thing at the same time, the cause of the positive is clear, but why is it negative? The reason is that the (sauna) go (sauna) when most people, of course, not all of them, some benefit from the information and knowledge free to use in the improvement and development of his life and the lives of others around him, it is work in transforming the theoretical side to the practical side is really coming out a winner out of the equation and grow from the trap, but standing at the theoretical side only, is also from the losers, but how and why?

When you see the content don’t use it in your life -albeit useful – you use your time for other tasks required of you in life, such as study sessions or to complete work or taking care of the family and attention of the kids, there’s a lot of other responsibilities in our lives, whether toward themselves or toward those around us who count them or care about them, and every hour you spend there, you take it than it is here.

So ask yourself while watching any video in YouTube, you see according to preconceived intent, or that the act cause intent always? Meaning: do you go with the flow, with videos that show you left and right, or you enter the site and in your head a certain goal and watch videos that bring you what you want and get you to your goals.

I know it’s hard to be organized 100% and every step of our thoughtful use calculated, in the end we are human beings, not the desires and motives of the psychological tend to the comfort and idleness, we have the desire of the University in the exploration and curiosity is strong to see the board, so no problem to spend some time sailing the oceans of this network without a specific destination, just to see where people are and what in the world around us, but unacceptable from the human hard in life to be this is the leitmotif of all time enters the maze YouTube http.

What is the solution then?

Let’s use some practical solutions and simple which may leave a great impact if we used them:

1. Half a minute of thinking

This solution does not require tools or software or anything of the sort, is usually a personal development when you use the platform of YouTube or any other social network, it is to be and for some reason your use of the company, to stop with yourself before you open the site or app and you remember what the cause of your access to, what content they intend to watch it.

Sometimes we go in the network, then what we soon forget why we entered, it got lost among the visual content, from video to another, the titles sparkling appear here and there, we gasp behind her trying to satisfying our curiosity that is insatiable.

2. Use add 1-click-timer

Is Add software to the browser Google Chrome, useful to determine the time of business tasks digital (via computer), if you browse youtube normally from the desktop, you can use this extension to determine the time of staying in the network in each time you enter it.

Before access to the network, click on the icon and select the cache to half an hour or more or less (the time you want to spend it inside youtube) will be held several executive and you’re watching minute, they are less gradually in front of your eyes, and upon the expiration of the time ringing the bell.

Time monitoring it addresses a significant effect in keeping you alert and conscious of the time it is slimming and go of your hands, this will help you to focus on the most important task when you are within the network, you’ll be more careful not to get carried away easily behind the suggestions presented to you.

3. Use the button (watch later)

When you find the featured video and you want to share, but you do not have enough time, there is a button that invented us and labeled (to watch later) you can use it without even login to the video page (via the clock icon that appears when you pass the cursor over the video image), you are therefore compile all the content you want to watch to a later time.

Can specify a certain hour in the week to review and filter the list (watch later) and you will see that some videos are no longer excited to watch as the first time, it can be deleted from the list simply put, this is one of the benefits of using this property, you postpone the viewing until you’re sure you need to actually watch them.

4. Use the tool DF YouTube

Tool function (DF YouTube) is simply delete the content side, which appears next after the video, retaining only the video box, it won’t show you the proposals that tries to YouTube hitting you and then the absorption time as a bat while sucks the blood of its prey, it will search for the topic you want and then watch the selected video and go in peace.

Finally …

The market has become digital advertising today the markets are more prosperous development, we find a lot of services provided for free in Exchange to watch you some adverts, the dog is trying to take advantage of the availability of your digital time you the consumer, not you are another who thinks to take advantage of it and invest it, the big change at times lost, at times those who change them self-awareness, have fun, be you running is your time, because if you drop the time, was in the hands of the other.

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