Translator WT2 Plus, when someone can speak 20 different languages!

Appeared during the exhibition CES world a lot of technologies and applications, which was remarkably successful, perhaps comes in the introduction to her WT2 Plus, which helps you to easy control with the others despite the different languages, depending on the feature to translate instant amazing.

The application of interpretation

Can someone not only fluent English, to speak with his friend German who only speaks his own language, without someone to broker? Has become possible now, thanks to one of the most prominent techniques that have been unveiled during the CES, held in Las Vegas recently.

The company issued Timekettle application and translation WT2 Plus, to fit perfectly with any two people not speaking the same language, depending on the technique of artificial intelligence, to allow the translation of some 20 different languages in an instant seamless, in shades wearing headphones equipped to receive the upgrade via the app interesting, without the need to look to the world or dictionaries in your phone.

How does the app work?

Require benefit of the application of WT2 Plus first, select the language you wish to translate them, with the assurance of the quality of the connection Bluetooth and Wi-Fi through the app, so that it becomes connected to the earphones, as in the second step divides the charging cable into two halves, so that you go every headset someone.

The third and last steps are just as committed to the transaction algorithm the sounds sent, via Auto Voice Detection, to tell the app to translate phrases with the lowest possible errors, and continue two the owner of the app easily, despite of language differences.

Price and battery

Up value price to develop WT2 Plus its accessories to around $ 199, a value is associated with the given specifications are dazzling which is enjoyed by, users can purchase WT2 Plus through the website of the product, “”.

As for the battery device and the application WT2 Plus, they are one of the important features available in this smart device, where the user can resort to the interpretation for 15 hours straight without any problem, What reveals the quality of the application depends on artificial intelligence to facilitate conversation among the people of the state and cultures are very different.

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