Traffic hijacking on the internet gives Google services

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Lost Company Google talk in several million of their IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday, leading to make research services and other services not available to many users intermittently, as has also caused problems for other services such as Spotify Spotify and other clients services, Google Cloud, reported some users of the giant sea that services like YouTube have been slow or inaccessible, due to the redirection of internet traffic to your company’s wrong through the internet service providers in China, Nigeria, and Russia.

It was re-routing some of the visits that aim to access Google via other networks, and the police investigation into the problem, but it hung on that there is no reason to believe that the incident was an attack or a kidnapping attempt malicious, and what happened in part to that it has been re-routing traffic to the company China Telecom China Telecom, a company owned by the Chinese government, the internet provider of the Russian Transtelecom provider of internet Nigerian MainOne.

The reports related to the access of slow and non-availability may started at 1:12 pm Pacific time, according to the control board the case of Google Cloud that monitors the run-time service of the company, however, has also been affected by the application of consumers such as YouTube, along with a number of third party services that rely on Google services calculations which have experienced failures, while not affected by the application of a Group G Suite like Gmail Gmail Google Drive Google Drive.

Continued interruption of service for almost an hour and a half, and ended the bus at exactly 2:35 p.m. Pacific time, Google said: “Google services work as expected throughout the duration of this problem, we believe that the fundamental reason behind this problem was External, we will initiate an internal investigation in relation to this problem, as we make improvements appropriate to our systems to help prevent or reduce their recurrence in the future.”

Began the problem when the company MainOne, a small company to provide internet services in Lagos, Nigeria, a sudden update the tables in the guidance system of the global internet, and accepted the company China Telecom China Telecom in a matter of minutes the router, and move the company to China Telecom in making the internet provider of the Russian Transtelecom providers and other senior follow guidance also.

According to the company ThousandEyes, has led the process to develop traffic across the internet with Google in the hands of internet service providers in a number of countries that have a long history in the online monitor, the Indicated status page to Google to the to access some of the services the company has been affected, said that the cause was External for Google, the company provided little additional information.

May lead the process of routing traffic across the internet the wrong to turn off basic services and make them unavailable, as it allows facilitating the operations of trade and finance, and this is either a fault in settings or due to the action of harmful, knowing that the giant search encrypts most of the internet traffic to its services, grew by 94 percent as of 27 October, which protects it from prying eyes even if they have been diverted.

Description of Alex here Ewan Alex Henthorn-Iwane, a top executive in the company ThousandEyes, the incident on Monday that the worst of the impact on the company Google, which saw his company ThousandEyes headquarters in San Francisco, added that he suspected the involvement of nation states, because the traffic was redirected to China Telecom run by the state.

A recent study revealed by the US Naval War College, China has been systematically hijacked internet traffic in the United States and analysis, where he built much of the foundations of the internet on trust, not much can be done if you decide to a nation state or someone who has access to the major provider of the internet forwarding of traffic.

Raised this case the probability of having a party sly tried to intercept the data, where they can be spammers, if they have access to the operator network is large enough, the change maps the network stored on the routers basic internet through a system known as BGP, say researchers Security the use of the drawbacks of BGP in the forwarding data may allow hackers to steal information or eavesdrop on traffic.

The gate Arab News Technical Traffic hijacking on the internet gives Google services

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