Tracking devices Tile is integrated with the Assistant Google Digital now officially

The company was Tile had announced last month about bringing support assistant, Google virtual versions of the company from tracking devices, and today is already integrated devices Tile with the assistant of Google’s digital.

Supports tracking devices Tile helper Google Digital now, where it can be paired devices with Google Home to voice command the Assistant Google Digital over the phone or via amplifiers sound smart, or smart screens to locate the organs of the Tile.

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The company was Tile has revealed its plans to bring the feature pairing devices tracking your company with the Assistant Google Digital in the beginning of the month of September last, in order to support users take voice commands preceded by the phrase “Hey Google” and then give the orders to search for the tracking devices, or things that are associated with the device such as a keyboard, for example.

Also allows Google user to add more of the tracked device from the devices Tile by adding devices in the Google Home, as it would be for the user to adjust the device settings to support the call to Google Home Support use Assistant Google Digital.


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