Tracking boosted your habits positive in your daily life through the application of Habit free

Maintaining positive habits is difficult, whether it’s simply to perform the exercises morning, or remember to drink more water, or read at least one book per month, etc.

Fortunately, has the App Store many apps that help you become the best version of yourself, and today we highlight the application of Habit free for iOS.

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The application Habit makes it easy to create positive habits and keep them for help in reaching your goals in the long run, no matter what.

You can create as many habits in this application according to your desire, and see your progress at a glance and move functions easily thanks to the user interface is easy and clear.

تطبيق Habit

To help with that, the app gives you a calendar of your own so that you can keep track of your habits clearly. You can simply add a new habit to start, like drinking more water or stop smoking.

After that, select a color for this year is to make it stand out, then select the number of times to repeat this year through the time frame dedicated to him. Now you can simply click on the check marks to indicate completion of this year any day.

And, of course, the goal is to get the largest possible number of achievements this year, because that is what it takes to get new public.

تطبيق Habit

You can also schedule public meetings on specific days, add notes and warnings a motivational factor to you, and remind you when you have to spend the next and more.

It’s great to see your accomplishment through the charts detailed. To become a complete history of your habits tracked, you only need to swipe up to display the calendar.

Despite the fact that it is free and free of ads, but it does not contain in-app purchases. Moreover, it seems that the app developers eager to listen to user feedback and implement, so expect to come in future updates new features and improve the app.

Link to download application Habit

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