Tracker 3 Fitbit Charge is finally getting proper protection from water

The company Fitbit is preparing to introduce a fitness tracker Charge 3. Model Charge 2 was released in 2016, so how would it’s time.

Most likely, the novelty will be shown at IFA in 2018, but now it knows a thing or two. Tracker will receive a larger touchscreen display. Retain the heart rate sensor, but the GPS module does not appear, although it is unlikely someone is waiting for the gadget that level.

I think the most important feature is the protection against water. First, the Fitbit Charge 2 it is not, and second, the Fitbit all kind of trouble with this item. Most devices are no protection against water is not that weird.

In General, Charge 3 is the rating of 5ATM, which means that the tracker can swim, but not deep. And no, not the rating of 5ATM means that you can dive to a depth of 50 meters, where just the pressure of five atmospheres.

The older version of the novelty is NFC, but apparently only for Fitbit Pay, although I don’t say it. As for the price, the current version was launched with $ 150, so, I think, something like that would be worth the novelty. By the way, I advise everyone to read this article herewhere I talked about the Fitbit tracker Blaze, and that for most activity trackers in General are useless, if to speak about sports component.

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