Toyota is investing$ 500 million in project uber for self-driving cars

تويوتا تستثمر 500$ مليون في مشروع أوبر للسيارات ذاتية القيادة

The newspaper reported The Wall Street Journal, the car company of the famous Japanese Toyota, will invest$ 500 million in project uber for self-driving cars, the two companies will under this Agreement to work together on self-driving cars to avoid any problems.

According to the report, the investment of$ 500 million from Toyota will raise the value of aweber market value of about 72 million, an increase of about$ 10 million in a short period, so that the last assessment for this year was estimated at 62 million. And naturally, the entry of a company The size of Toyota to invest will raise the value of any company, which means that the company’s shares and their value in the stock will rise based on the value of the Japanese company.

Car was uber self-driving may cause the death of a woman aged 49 years old this year, which sparked controversy about the effectiveness of the car, it is probably the main reason in agreement aweber, Toyota to work together on a project, especially since the latter has considerable experience in the field of automotive and related technologies.

Recall, that this is the third Toyota you invest in our, as ever time they purchase the 2016 to take advantage of the Technical in-depth Defence for drivers who use Toyota vehicles and working with aweber.

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