Toyota is collaborating with Panasonic Corporation on a joint venture to manufacture electric car batteries

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Work Panasonic already with a company with Tesla on batteries designed for electric vehicles, it seems that the Japanese company may soon work on similar products with the company’s specialized in the automotive industry. According to reports, it will say both Toyota and Panasonic launch joint venture to manufacture electric car batteries.

According to news agency Nikkei, the will of both companies to establish this joint venture in sometime next year. It is estimated that these companies will focus on reducing the cost of these batteries by relying on the size. It should be noted that these batteries will not be limited to the context of Toyota, but it will be used also in the context of the Daihatsu, a subsidiary of Toyota as well, and cars belonging to a number of other companies specialized in the automotive industry, such as Subaru and Mazda. Looking forward to Toyota and Panasonic also win as a company with Honda as well.

The report also adds that the company’s are will have the controlling interest so that you will get a ratio of 51 percent in this joint venture. Will Panasonic five of its plants dedicated to the production of automotive batteries in China and Japan for this joint venture. It should be noted that this transaction will not affect the relationship of the Panasonic current with company Tesla.

Not issued any official confirmation about this joint venture of any of the two companies but the report mentions that it may be issued an official announcement ” later this week “. This deal with Toyota will enable Panasonic to gain a dominant position in the market note that they have already signed a good deal with a company Tesla a while ago.

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