Toyota invests $ 1 million in taxi service customized Grap


If you’ve gone to South East Asia over the past two years, you might be probably heard about the Grab. It’s a taxi service on demand leading in the region, which is the service that made the Uber experiencing a hard time pushing it in the end to get out of this market. Having said that, it has got company Grab now for the vote of confidence from the company’s through a capital infusion of $ 1 billion as part of the financing round later the company.

Company Grab round new financing led by company Toyota, which decided to invest USD 1 billion in the company, which contributed to raising the market value to buy a Grap to 10 million dollars American, at least according to reports.

You will get a company’s on the Board seat in addition to the opportunity to appoint a senior executive in the team to Grab. Company Grab it will work with the company’s ” establishment of network transmission more efficient, that would reduce traffic congestion in large cities in South-East Asia “.

This is the first time you invest in the Toyota directly in the Grab. I’ve played the Japanese company to pump some money in the company indirectly in the past year through the Fund Next Technology Fund. Grap provide their offers and services in some of the largest markets in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and others. Received the application of the company’s more than 100 million downloads and this number is increasing.


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