Touchtone phone will update to Oreo?

Android Oreo

A modern smartphone is often a device where a physical keyboard is missing. Its role successfully plays touch screen. Over the years, the presence of such devices on the market, many users are accustomed to this form of modern phone. However, still there are other phones that have physical keyboards are preserved, and one of them, probably, even will receive an upgrade to Oreo in the near future.

BlackBerry Keyone

BlackBerry started providing updates for the smartphone Keyone. The scope of the updates (version ABA676) is 17 megabytes. In more detail, the update message was considered Himanshu (Himanshu) on the resource page with reference to

What changes are included in the present update, nothing is known, except for one thing — it prepares the mobile device to a long-awaited upgrade to Android Oreo.

It should be noted that during the installation of the update, the device shows the error, but the installation of the new software completes successfully after you restart a smart phone.

When BlackBerry Keyone will be provided updates to the Oreo? The answer to this question yet, but some operators say that it will be available soon (“coming soon”). As already released the update prepares the phone to the new operating system, it is logical to assume that the BlackBerry Keyone get Oreo soon.

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