Total sales of smart phones declined, but sales of high-end phones continues to grow

iPhone XS Max

While down the smartphone market as a whole grew by 3 percent, has seen a high-end smartphone market grew by 18 percent. The latest statistics issued by the institution Counterpoint Research specialized in the research market that the smart phone which exceeds the price of 400$ has experienced the fastest growth in the month of December of 2018, and has remained apple of course is saying that part of the smartphone market.

Possessed Apple to 51 percent of the high-end smartphone market, followed by Samsung at 22 percent, and Huawei by 10 percent thanks to strong demand for Phones Huawei P20 and Huawei Mate 20. Returning to Apple, they are also high-end smartphone market, which exceeds the price of 800$ by 80 percent.

Although the category of high-end smartphone that surpasses its price of$ 800 is the fastest growing, but that the biggest demand was on the flagship smartphones that cost between 400$ and 600$. Remained Apple stands behind most of the sales in this category, but the company OnePlus has seen the largest increase in sales, has achieved strong sales in India.

Statistics issued by the institution Counterpoint Research indicates that consumers were willing to spend more on their phones in 2018, but they believe to keep it longer. Furthermore, the foundation expects to Counterpoint cancer Resarch Center also to continue growth in the category of high-end smartphones thanks to arrival of smart phones that are compatible with the 5G smart phones folding, in addition to continued growth in the handsets category-leading low cost.


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